Tank Storage Magazine Story / Ergon Expanding to Meet Demand

Thu., Apr 15, 2021

Tank Storage Magazine's story on Ergon’s commitment to customers around the world, including recent expansion of storage facilities in Antwerp, Belgium, is linked below. Read more…

ASTM D3487 Release

Thu., Oct 27, 2016

An update to ASTM’s D3487 has recently been released, updating the standards for transformer oil. Standards are updated as a result of the efforts of many dedicated industry professionals who contribute their technical and operational knowledge to maintenance of the standards. Anyone who depends on D3487 is encouraged to stay up to date. Hard copies and PDF versions of the updated standard are available for purchase and download from many trusted sources. Ergon’s refinery in Vicksburg, Mississippi, is the world’s largest producer of transformer oil feedstock and is marketed under the HyVolt brand. Read more…

Naphthenic Mineral Insulating Oil - Responding to Africa's Growing Energy Requirements

Thu., Nov 13, 2014

In this presentation given at ICIS, Ergon's Jimmy Rasco discusses the growing electrical needs in Africa, and how naphthenic insulating oils are well positioned to meet those needs. Naphthenic transformer oil production, and other insulating oil topics such as regulation, are also included herein. Read more…

The new IEC 60296 (ed. 4) from a Transformer Oil Manufacturer’s Perspective

Fri., Oct 25, 2013

This paper highlights some of the major updates in the new IEC 60296 (ed. 4, published in 2012), “Fluids for electrotechnical applications – Unused mineral transformer oils for transformers and switchgear”, and some of the considerations a transformer oil manufacturer needs to take in order to fully meet the new IEC 60296 standard. Read more…

Extender Oils: The Role of Heavy Naphthenics on a Global Scale

Tue., Feb 12, 2013

Ed Casserly, Ph. D., explains the role of heavy naphthenics on a global scale. Read more…

Presentation - Extender Oils Role in Global Tire Labeling

Thu., Oct 11, 2012

This presentation, shown at TLLM 2012, covers the tire industry's move from Distillate Aromatic Extracts (DAE) to alternative non-aromatic oils, and the impact these oils will have as new EU labeling measures are put into force in November 2012. Read more…

Severely Hydrotreated Naphthenics – Today’s Proven Electrical Insulating Oil for Tomorrow’s Transformers

Tue., Jun 5, 2012

The requirement for higher quality, more stable transformer oils has become more stringent over time, requiring more advanced refining processes. This paper reviews various technologies used to produce mineral transformer oils, and how the inherent properties of naphthenic mineral oils make them uniquely suited to be the electrical insulating oils of the future. Read more…

Control and Testing for Compliance with REACH PAH regs for Extender Oils

Tue., Jun 5, 2012

With stricter European regulations for non-carcinogenic oils, extender oil manufacturers worldwide must use modern instruments and sophisticated analytical methods when testing their oils to ensure compliance with existing legislation, and to safeguard the environment and public health. Read more…

Corrosive Sulfur-Free Naphthenic Transformer Oil Through Modern-Day Severe Hydroprocessing. A Refiner’s Experience

Tue., Jun 5, 2012

This paper details the advancements in petroleum refining processing technology that have occurred in the last half of the 20th century, specifically the severe hydroprocessing of naphthenic transformer oil and the process by which it removes corrosive sulfur from crude oil. Read more…

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