What is REACH?

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) is the new chemical legislation of the European Union (EU) Regulation 1907/2006/EC and requires registration of all substances manufactured or imported into the EU in volumes of one metric tonne or greater. REACH will be implemented over the next decade according to tonnage band.

Companies that are not established in the EU have no obligations under REACH and cannot pre-register and register; however a non-EU manufacturer of substances, preparations or articles whose products are imported into the EU can appoint an Only Representative (OR) to carry out REACH obligations.

REACH Registration Timeline

18 December 2006 European legislation adopted Regulation 1907/2006/EC
1 June 2007 REACH enters into force
1 June 2008 to
1 December 2008
Pre-registration for phase-in substances existing currently in the EU market
1 February 2009 Data sharing and participation in Substance Information Exchange Forums (SIEF)
1 December 2010 First registration deadline for phase-in substances:
  • 1000 Tonnes per year or greater
  • 100 Tonnes per year if very toxic (PBTs)
  • 1 Tonne per year if CMRs Cat 1, Cat 2
1 June 2013 Second registration deadline for phase-in substances:
  • < 1000 Tonnes per year
  • > 100 Tonnes per year
1 June 2018 Third registration deadline for phase-in substances:
  • < 100 Tonnes per year
  • > 1 Tonne per year

Ergon's REACH Initiatives

For more information on Ergon's REACH initiatives:

Please download our customer letter for Ergon's position on REACH
Please download our list of products for REACH registration


Pre-registration is simple and free. A pre-registrant should provide, when applicable, substance identification of any relevant substances which may facilitate the risk assessment and data sharing of the substance. A pre-registrant should compile inventory of the substance, preparation, or article his or her company manufactures, imports, and/or uses in the European market in volumes of one tonne or greater.

REACH Regulation Article 28 requires the following basic information:

  • Substance identity (EINECS number, CAS numbers, substance names, and other identities)
  • Envisaged deadline and tonnage band for the registration
  • Contact information of a contact person, Only Representative, or third party representative who will act as the contact point in data sharing

Disclaimer: This information is a guide only and is not intended to provide in-depth regulatory or legal assessment.