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Logistics and Locations


Ergon International

Ergon International's supply and distribution network is centered on strategically located crude and process oil storage terminals. These terminals serve as distribution points for products manufactured by Ergon Refining, Inc., and various third parties. Based in Brussels, Belgium, Ergon International supplies base, process and electrical oils to customers located throughout the EU, Africa, India, Asia and the Middle East.

Ergon North & South America

Ergon’s supply and distribution network is centered on strategically located crude and process oil storage terminals. Located on significant railway and river systems, these storage terminals facilitate Ergon’s ability to quickly respond to market conditions and opportunities, maintain supply reliability, and sustain low transportation costs.

Operated by Ergon subsidiaries, these facilities feed raw material to Ergon’s refineries, store finished products, and meet the special requirements of customers. Ergon requires all terminals, whether owned or leased, to participate with its Quality Systems Department and comply with ISO 9000-2000 standards.

The St. James, Louisiana, terminal provides Ergon Refining, Inc., the opportunity to purchase naphthenic crude oils in tanker quantities from around the world, prior to transferring them to Vicksburg, Mississippi, for refining. Ergon Refining is ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Ergon – West Virginia, Inc., is located on the Ohio River in the heart of the Pennsylvania Valley. Local crude oil is purchased and transferred by truck or pipeline to gathering centers in Ohio and Pennsylvania before being moved to the refinery via truck, barge and pipeline. Ergon – West Virginia is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Under rigorous quality and safety controls, products from both refineries are sampled, tested and stored until they are ready to be loaded into tankers, railcars, trucks or barges.

Ergon operates trucking terminals in conjunction with several of its storage facilities. Approximately 9/10 of all truck deliveries are handled by Ergon’s transportation subsidiary, Ergon Trucking, Inc. The company maintains a vast 108-truck fleet dedicated to Ergon Lubes, ensuring prompt delivery, short lead times and a higher standard of quality control.

Ergon’s maritime subsidiary, Magnolia Marine Transport Company, transports crude and finished products by barge on inland waterway systems. A total of 3 boats and 7 barges are used solely in Ergon Lubes operations.

In addition to trucks and barges, Ergon maintains a large presence on U.S. railways, leasing 600 railcars on multi-year leases to ensure product is swiftly and cost-effectively delivered to customers. These railcars are specially modified to transport petroleum products processed at Ergon’s refineries.

Based at corporate headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi, Ergon’s customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 362 ½ days per year to provide support and assistance.

Ergon Asia

Ergon Asia has marketing representation in Hong Kong and Shanghai, with distribution throughout Asian markets, Indonesia and Australia.